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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Quantification of internalized silica nanoparticles via STED microscopyPeuschel, Henrike; Ruckelshausen, Thomas; Cavelius, Christian; Kraegeloh, Annette
2011"Gecko-Workshop 2010" - INM initiates new worldwide conference seriesKamperman, Marleen; Arzt, Eduard
2017Vimentin levels and serine 71 phosphorylation in the control of cell-matrix adhesions, migration speed, and shape of transformed human fibroblastsTerriac, Emmanuel; Coceano, Giovanna; Mavajian, Zahra; Hageman, Tijmen A. G.; Christ, Andreas F.; Testa, Ilaria; Lautenschläger, Franziska; Gad, Annica K. G.
2013Peptide induced crystallization of calcium carbonate on wrinkle patterned substrate: implications for chitin formation in molluscsWeiss, Ingrid M.; Ghatak, Anindita Sengupta; Koch, Markus; Guth, Christina
2018Size control in mammalian cells involves modulation of both growth rate and cell cycle durationCadar, Clotilde; Monnier, Sylvain; Grilli, Jacopo; Sáez, Pablo J.; Srivastava, Nishit; Attia, Rafaele; Terriac, Emmanuel; Baum, Buzz; Cosentino-Lagomarsino, Marco; Piel, Matthieu
2020Myxobacteria-Derived Outer Membrane Vesicles: Potential Applicability Against Intracellular InfectionsGoes, Adriely; Lapuhs, Philipp; Kuhn, Thomas; Schulz, Eilien; Richter, Robert; Panter, Fabian; Dahlem, Charlotte; Koch, Marcus; Garcia, Ronald; Kiemer, Alexandra K.; Müller, Rolf; Fuhrmann, Gregor
2020Role of Hair Coverage and Sweating for Textile Friction on the ForearmLyu, Jingchun; Özgün, Novaf; Kondziela, David J.; Bennewitz, Roland
2020Emerging Roles of 1D Vertical Nanostructures in Orchestrating Immune Cell FunctionsChen, Yaping; Wang, Ji; Li, Xiangling; Hu, Ning; Voelcker, Nicolas H.; Xie, Xi; Elnathan, Roey
2020Graphene Enclosure of Chemically Fixed Mammalian Cells for Liquid-Phase Electron MicroscopyBlach, Patricia; Keskin, Sercan; de Jonge, Niels
2020High glucose distinctively regulates Ca2+ influx in cytotoxic T lymphocytes upon target recognition and thapsigargin stimulationZou, Huajiao; Yang, Wenjuan; Schwär, Gertrud; Zhao, Renping; Alansary, Dalia; Yin, Deling; Schwarz, Eva C.; Niemeyer, Barbara A.; Qu, Bin