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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020High temperature behavior of rual thin films on piezoelectric CTGS and LGS substratesSeifert, M.
2020Mechanical performance and corrosion behaviour of Zr-based bulk metallic glass produced by selective laser meltingDeng, L.; Gebert, A.; Zhang, L.; Chen, H.Y.; Gu, D.D.; Kühn, U.; Zimmermann, M.; Kosiba, K.; Pauly, S.
2020Comprehensive scan for nonmagnetic Weyl semimetals with nonlinear optical responseXu, Q.; Zhang, Y.; Koepernik, K.; Shi, W.; van den Brink, J.; Felser, C.; Sun, Y.
2020Predicting the dominating factors during heat transfer in magnetocaloric composite wiresKrautz, M.; Beyer, L.; Funk, A.; Waske, A.; Weise, B.; Freudenberger, J.; Gottschall, T.
2020Fabrication of metastable crystalline nanocomposites by flash annealing of Cu47.5Zr47.5Al5 metallic glass using joule heatingOkulov, I.; Soldatov, I.; Kaban, I.; Sarac, B.; Spieckermann, F.; Eckert, J.
2020Turning charge-density waves into Cooper pairsChikina, A.; Fedorov, A.; Bhoi, D.; Voroshnin, V.; Haubold, E.; Kushnirenko, Y.; Kim, K.H.; Borisenko, S.
2020Separate tuning of nematicity and spin fluctuations to unravel the origin of superconductivity in FeSeBaek, S.-H.; Ok, J.M.; Kim, J.S.; Aswartham, S.; Morozov, I.; Chareev, D.; Urata, T.; Tanigaki, K.; Tanabe, Y.; Büchner, B.; Efremov, D.V.
2019Electrodeposition of nanocrystalline Fe-P coatings: Influence of bath temperature and glycine concentration on structure, mechanical and corrosion behaviorKovalska, N.; Tsyntsaru, N.; Cesiulis, H.; Gebert, A.; Fornell, J.; Pellicer, E.; Sort, J.; Hansal, W.; Kautek, W.
2019A magnetocaloric booster unit for energy-efficient air-conditioningKrautz, M.; Beyer, M.; Jäschke, C.; Schinke, L.; Waske, A.; Seifert, J.
2019Microstructure and elastic deformation behavior of β-type Ti-29Nb-13Ta-4.6Zr with promising mechanical properties for stent applicationsPlaine, A.H.; Silva, M.R.D.; Bolfarini, C.