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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006MALTE - Model to predict new aerosol formation in the lower troposphereBoy, M.; Hellmuth, O.; Korhonen, H.; Nilsson, E. D.; ReVelle, D.; Turnipseed, A.; Arnold, F.; Kulmala, M.
2002Field measurements of hygroscopic properties and state of mixing of nucleation mode particlesVäkevä, M.; Kulmala, M.; Stratmann, F.; Hämeri, K.
2004A new feedback mechanism linking forests, aerosols, and climateKulmala, M.; Suni, T.; Lehtinen, K. E. J.; Dal Maso, M.; Boy, M.; Reissell, A.; Rannik, Ü.; Aalto, P.; Keronen, P.; Hakola, H.; Bäck, J.; Hoffmann, T.; Vesala, T.; Hari, P.
2008SO2 oxidation products other than H2SO4 as a trigger of new particle formation. Part 1: Laboratory investigationsBerndt, T.; Stratmann, F.; Bräsel, S.; Heintzenberg, J.; Laaksonen, A.; Kulmala, M.
2001Overview of the international project on biogenic aerosol formation in the boreal forest (BIOFOR)Kulmala, M.; Hämeri, K.; Aalto, P. P.; Mäkelä, J. M.; Pirjola, L.; Nilsson, E. Douglas; Buzorius, G.; Rannik, Ü.; Dal Maso, M.; Seidl, W.; Hoffman, T.; Janson, R.; Hansson, H.-C.; Viisanen, Y.; Laaksonen, A.; O’dowd, C. D.
2007Connections between atmospheric sulphuric acid and new particle formation during QUEST III–IV campaigns in Heidelberg and HyytiäläRiipinen, I.; Pringle, S.-L.; Kulmala, M.; Arnold, F.; Dal Maso, M.; Birmili, W.; Saarnio, K.; Teinilä, K.; Kerminen, V.-M.; Laaksonen, A.; Lehtinen, K. E. J.
2009Introduction: European Integrated Project on Aerosol Cloud Climate and Air Quality interactions (EUCAARI) – integrating aerosol research from nano to global scalesKulmala, M.; Asmi, A.; Lappalainen, H. K.; Carslaw, K. S.; Pöschl, U.; Baltensperger, U.; Hov, Ø.; Brenquier, J.-L.; Pandis, S. N.; Facchini, M. C.; Hansson, H.-C.; Wiedensohler, A.; O'Dowd, C. D.
2008SO2 oxidation products other than H2SO4 as a trigger of new particle formation. Part 2: Comparison of ambient and laboratory measurements, and atmospheric implicationsLaaksonen, A.; Kulmala, M.; Bernd, T.; Stratmann, F.; Mikkonen, S.; Ruuskanen, A.; Lehtinen, K. E. J.; Dal Maso, M.; Aalto, P.; Petäjä, T.; Riipinen, I.; Sihto, S.-L.; Janson, R.; Arnold, F.; Hanke, M.; Ücker, J.; Umann, B.; Sellegri, K.; O'Dowd, C. D.; Viisanen, Y.
2008New particle formation in the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky MountainsBoy, M.; Karl, T.; Turnipseed, A.; Mauldin, R. L.; Kosciuch, E.; Greenberg, J.; Massling, A.; Rathbone, J.; Smith, J.; Held, A.; Barsanti, K.; Wehner, B.; Bauer, S.; Wiedensohler, A.; Bonn, B.; Kulmala, M.; Guenther, A.
2005The contribution of sulphuric acid to atmospheric particle formation and growth: A comparison between boundary layers in Northern and Central EuropeFiedler, V.; Dal Maso, M.; Boy, M.; Aufmhoff, H.; Hoffmann, J.; Schuck, T.; Birmili, W.; Hanke, M.; Uecker, J.; Arnold, F.; Kulmala, M.