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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Non-linear regime shifts in Holocene Asian monsoon variability: Potential impacts on cultural change and migratory patternsDonges, J. F.; Donner, R. V.; Marwan, N.; Breitenbach, S. F. M.; Rehfeld, K.; Kurths, J.
2015Cortical hot spots and labyrinths: Why cortical neuromodulation for episodic migraine with aura should be personalizedDahlem, M.A.; Schmidt, B.; Bojak, I.; Boie, S.; Kneer, F.; Hadjikhani, N.; Kurths, J.
2015An integrative quantifier of multistability in complex systems based on ecological resilienceMitra, C.; Kurths, J.; Donner, R.V.
2015Estimation of sedimentary proxy records together with associated uncertaintyGoswami, B.; Heitzig, J.; Rehfeld, K.; Marwan, N.; Anoop, A.; Prasad, S.; Kurths, J.
2015Restoration of rhythmicity in diffusively coupled dynamical networksZou, W.; Senthilkumar, D.V.; Nagao, R.; Kiss, I.Z.; Tang, Y.; Koseska, A.; Duan, J.; Kurths, J.
2015A new color image encryption scheme using CML and a fractional-order chaotic systemWu, X.; Li, Y.; Kurths, J.
2015Identifying causal gateways and mediators in complex spatio-temporal systemsRunge, J.; Petoukhov, V.; Donges, J.F.; Hlinka, J.; Jajcay, N.; Vejmelka, M.; Hartman, D.; Marwan, N.; Paluš, M.; Kurths, J.
2015Local difference measures between complex networks for dynamical system model evaluationLange, S.; Donges, J.F.; Volkholz, J.; Kurths, J.
2015Experimental Study of the Triplet Synchronization of Coupled Nonidentical Mechanical MetronomesJia, J.; Song, Z.; Liu, W.; Kurths, J.; Xiao, J.
2015Principal nonlinear dynamical modes of climate variabilityMukhin, D.; Gavrilov, A.; Feigin, A.; Loskutov, E.; Kurths, J.