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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Hybrid Anodes of Lithium Titanium Oxide and Carbon Onions for Lithium‐Ion and Sodium‐Ion Energy StorageShim, Hwirim; Arnold, Stefanie; Budak, Öznil; Ulbricht, Maike; Srimuk, Pattarachai; Presser, Volker
2020Combining Battery‐Type and Pseudocapacitive Charge Storage in Ag/Ti3C2Tx MXene Electrode for Capturing Chloride Ions with High Capacitance and Fast Ion TransportLiang, Mingxing; Wang, Lei; Presser, Volker; Dai, Xiaohu; Yu, Fei; Ma, Jie
2020Persistent and reversible solid iodine electrodeposition in nanoporous carbonsPrehal, Christian; Fitzek, Harald; Kothleitner, Gerad; Presser, Volker; Gollas, Bernhard; Freunberger, Stefan A.; Abbas, Qamar
2015Quinone-decorated onion-like carbon/carbon fiber hybrid electrodes for high-rate supercapacitor applicationsZeiger, Marco; Weingarth, Daniel; Presser, Volker
2016Review: Carbon onions for electrochemical energy storageZeiger, Marco; Jäckel, Nicolas; Mochalin, Vadym N.; Presser, Volker
2013Review on the science and technology of water desalination by capacitive deionizationPresser, Volker; Porada, S.; Zhao, R.; van der Wal, A.; Biesheuvel, P.M.
2016Influence of carbon substrate on the electrochemical performance of carbon/manganese oxide hybrids in aqueous and organic electrolytesZeiger, Marco; Fleischmann, Simon; Krüner, Benjamin; Tolosa, Aura; Bechtel, Stephan; Baltes, Mathias; Schreiber, Anna; Moroni, Riko; Vierrath, Severin; Thiele, Simon; Presser, Volker
2017Carbon onion / sulfur hybrid cathodes via inverse vulcanization for lithium sulfur batteriesChoudhury, Soumyadip; Srimuk, Pattarachai; Raju, Kumar; Tolosa, Aura; Fleischmann, Simon; Zeiger, Marco; Ozoemena, Kenneth I.; Borchardt, Lars; Presser, Volker
2016Sub-micron novolac-derived carbon beads for high performance supercapacitors and redox electrolyte energy storageKrüner, Benjamin; Lee, Juhan; Jäckel, Nicolas; Tolosa, Aura; Presser, Volker
2017Carbon onion–sulfur hybrid cathodes for lithium–sulfur batteriesChoudhury, Soumyadip; Zeiger, Marco; Massuti-Ballester, Pau; Fleischmann, Simon; Formanek, Petr; Borchardt, Lars; Presser, Volker