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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Long-term evolution of the global carbon cycle: Historic minimum of global surface temperature at presentFranck, S.; Kossacki, K.J.; Von Bloh, W.; Bounama, C.
2002On freshwater-dependent bifurcations in box models of the interhemispheric thermohaline circulationTitz, S.; Kuhlbrodt, T.; Rahmstorf, S.; Feudel, U.
2002Sol-gel niobium pentoxide coatings: Applications to photovoltaic energy conversion and electrochromismAegerter, M.A.; Schmitt, M.; Guo, Y.
2002Modification of Newton's law of gravity at very large distancesKirillov, A.A.; Turaev, D.
2002The Lagrangian structure of ozone mini-holes and potential vorticity anomalies in the Northern HemisphereJames, P.M.; Peters, D.
2002Three years of routine Raman lidar measurements of tropospheric aerosols: Backscattering, extinction, and residual layer heightSchneider, J.; Eixmann, R.
2002Model-based cluster analysis applied to flow cytometry data of phytoplanktonMucha, H.-J.; Simon, U.; Brüggemann, R.
2002Grundlagen zur dynamischen Moleküldiagnostik plasmachemischer Prozesse : Schlussbericht zum Teilvorhaben ; BMBF-Verbund: Grundlagenuntersuchungen zur Simulation und Steuerung plasmachemischer ProzesseRöpcke, Jürgen; Mechold, Lars; Osiac, Mariana; Hempel, Frank; Saß, Stephan; Henkelmann, Rayk; Liebetrau, Andreas
2002Rheo-NMR an Polymerschmelzen : SchlussberichtKuran, Pavel
2002Flow imaging of hot PVC melt in a high temperature rheo-NMR-systemGottwald, A.; Kuran, P.; Körber, H.; Scheler, U.