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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Data publication in the open access initiativeKlump, J.; Bertelmann, R.; Brase, J.; Diepenbroek, M.; Grobe, H.; Höck, H.; Lautenschlager, M.; Schindler, U.; Sens, I.; Wächter, J.
2006Multi-parameter uncertainty analysis of a bifurcation pointKnopf, B.; Flechsig, M.; Zickfeld, K.
2006Modelling carbon dynamics from urban land conversion: Fundamental model of city in relation to a local carbon cycleSvirejeva-Hopkins, A.; Schellnhuber, H.-J.
2006An 8-fold parallel reactor system for combinatorial catalysis researchStoll, N.; Allwardt, A.; Dingerdissen, U.; Thurow, K.
2006Nucleoside analogues from push-pull functionalized branched-chain pyranosidesKordian, M.; Feist, H.; Kantlehner, W.; Michalik, M.; Peseke, K.
2006An integrated 3.1-5.1 GHz pulse generator for ultra-wideband wireless localization systemsFan, X.; Fischer, G.; Dietrich, B.
2006Statistical characteristics of surrogate data based on geophysical measurementsVenema, V.; Bachner, S.; Rust, H.W.; Simmer, C.
2006Dimethylaminomethylene-α-D-xylo-hept-5-ulofuranurononitrile as building block in the synthesis of 'reversed' C-nucleoside analoguesHashmi, I.A.; Feist, H.; Michalik, M.; Reinke, H.; Peseke, K.
2006Crystal structure of bis(1,3-bis[{4-methyl-pyridin-2-yl}amido]-1,1,3,3-tetramethyldisiloxane)dichromium dichloride, [(C16H24N4OSi2)CrCl]2Irrgang, T.; Spannenberg, A.; Kempe, R.
2006Nanotechnologie-Verbundprojekt: Thermisch aktivierbare Nanocarrier (TAN) zur Krebsbekämpfung - Teilprojekt 2 : AbschlussberichtINM