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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A simple conceptual model of abrupt glacial climate eventsBraun, H.; Ganopolski, A.; Christl, M.; Chialvo, D.R.
2007Small-scale mixing processes enhancing troposphere-to-stratosphere transport by pyro-cumulonimbus stormsLuderer, G.; Trentmann, J.; Hungershöfer, K.; Herzog, M.; Fromm, M.; Andreae, M.O.
2007Statistical methods for the qualitative assessment of dynamic models with time delay (R package qualV)Jachner, S.; Van Den Boogaart, K.G.; Petzoldt, T.
2007Adaptive smoothing of digital images: The R package adimproPolzehl, J.; Tabelow, K.
2007Experiments on the magnetorotational instability in helical magnetic fieldsStefani, F.; Gundrum, T.; Gerbeth, G.; Rüdiger, G.; Szklarski, J.; Hollerbach, R.
2007Shell models for Hall effect induced magnetic turbulenceFrick, P.; Stepanov, R.; Rheinhardt, M.
2007Crystal structure of (η4-cycloocta-1,5-dien)-((+)-1, 1′-bis((2R,4R)-2,4-diethyl-phosphotano)-ferrocene)-rhodium(I) tetrafluoroborate, [Rh(C8H12)Fe(C12H 18FeP)2][BF4]Dai, Z.; Heller, D.; Spannenberg, A.; Drexler, H.-J.
2007Crystal structure of (2,3-bis((2R,5R)-2,5-dimethylphosphonalyl)maleic anhydride)-(η4-norbornadiene)-rhodium(I) tetrafluoroborate, [Rh(C7H8)(C16H24O3P 2)] [BF4]Holz, J.; Börner, A.; Heller, D.; Drexler, H.-J.
2007Polymeric monolithic materials: Syntheses, properties, functionalization and applicationsBuchmeiser, M.R.
2007Phase noise and jitter modeling for fractional-N PLLsOsmany, S.A.; Herzel, F.; Schmalz, K.; Winkler, W.