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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008On statistics of the free-troposphere synoptic component: An evaluation of skewnesses and mixed third-order moments contribution to the synoptic-scale dynamics and fluxes of heat and humidityPetoukhov, V.; Eliseev, A.V.; Klein, R.; Oesterle, H.
2008Human alterations of the terrestrial water cycle through land managementRost, S.; Gerten, D.; Heyder, U.
2008Climatic response to anthropogenic sulphate aerosols versus well-mixed greenhouse gases from 1850 to 2000 AD in CLIMBER-2Bauer, E.; Petoukhov, V.; Ganopolski, A.; Eliseev, A.V.
2008Redetermination of terbium scandate, revealing a defect-type perovskite derivativeVeličkov, B.; Kahlenberg, V.; Bertram, R.; Uecker, R.
2008(μ5-Cyclo-penta-dien-yl)bis-(triphenyl-phosphane)cobalt(I) -toluene-n-hexane (1/0.20/0.25)Hapke, M.; Spannenberg, A.
2008Stern's Review and Adam's fallacyJaeger, C.; Schellnhuber, H.J.; Brovkin, V.
2008The millennial atmospheric lifetime of anthropogenic CO2Archer, D.; Brovkin, V.
2008Towards deterministically controlled InGaAs/GaAs lateral quantum dot moleculesWang, L.; Rastelli, A.; Kiravittaya, S.; Atkinson, P.; Ding, F.; Bof Bufon, C.C.; Hermannstädter, C.; Witzany, M.; Beirne, G.J.; Michler, P.; Schmidt, O.G.
2008Engineering the semiconductor/oxide interaction for stacking twin suppression in single crystalline epitaxial silicon(111)/insulator/Si(111) heterostructuresSchroetter, T.; Zaumseil, P.; Seifarth, O.; Giussani, A.; Müssig, H.-J.; Storck, P.; Geiger, D.; Lichte, H.; Dabrowski, J.
2008Towards time resolved core level photoelectron spectroscopy with femtosecond x-ray free-electron lasersPietzsch, A.; Föhlisch, A.; Beye, M.; Deppe, M.; Hennies, F.; Nagasono, M.; Suljotil, E.; Wurth, W.; Gahl, C.; Dörich, K.; Melnikov, A.