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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Data publication in the open access initiativeKlump, J.; Bertelmann, R.; Brase, J.; Diepenbroek, M.; Grobe, H.; Höck, H.; Lautenschlager, M.; Schindler, U.; Sens, I.; Wächter, J.
2009Personalised information spaces for chemical digital librariesKoepler, O.; Balke, W.-T.; Köncke, B.; Tönnies, S.
2009Sensitivity of polar stratospheric ozone loss to uncertainties in chemical reaction kineticsKawa, S.R.; Stolarski, R.S.; Newman, P.A.; Douglass, A.R.; Rex, M.; Hofmann, D.J.; Santee, M.L.; Frieler, K.
2008On statistics of the free-troposphere synoptic component: An evaluation of skewnesses and mixed third-order moments contribution to the synoptic-scale dynamics and fluxes of heat and humidityPetoukhov, V.; Eliseev, A.V.; Klein, R.; Oesterle, H.
2005Forced versus coupled dynamics in Earth system modelling and predictionKnopf, B.; Held, H.; Schellnhuber, H.J.
2007A simple conceptual model of abrupt glacial climate eventsBraun, H.; Ganopolski, A.; Christl, M.; Chialvo, D.R.
2007Small-scale mixing processes enhancing troposphere-to-stratosphere transport by pyro-cumulonimbus stormsLuderer, G.; Trentmann, J.; Hungershöfer, K.; Herzog, M.; Fromm, M.; Andreae, M.O.
2008Human alterations of the terrestrial water cycle through land managementRost, S.; Gerten, D.; Heyder, U.
2008Climatic response to anthropogenic sulphate aerosols versus well-mixed greenhouse gases from 1850 to 2000 AD in CLIMBER-2Bauer, E.; Petoukhov, V.; Ganopolski, A.; Eliseev, A.V.
2004Reliability of regional climate model simulations of extremes and of long-term climateBöhm, U.; Kücken, M.; Hauffe, D.; Gerstengarbe, E.-W.; Werner, P.C.; Flechsig, M.; Keuler, K.; Block, A.; Ahrens, W.; Nocke, T.