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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Hysteresis in the context of hydrogen storage and lithium-ion batteriesDreyer, Wolfgang; Guhlke, Clemens; Huth, Robert
2009Mean field diffusion models for precipitation in crystalline GaAs including surface tension and bulk stressesDreyer, Wolfgang; Kimmerle, Sven-Joachim
2006Wave trains, solitons and modulation theory in FPU chainsDreyer, Wolfgang; Herrmann, Michael; Rademacher, Jens D. M.
2006The sharp interface limit of the Van der Waals-Cahn-Hilliard phase model for fixed and time dependent domainsDreyer, Wolfgang; Kraus, Christiane
2009On phase change of a vapor bubble in liquid waterDreyer, Wolfgang; Duderstadt, Frank; Hantke, Maren; Warnecke, Gerald
2009Phase transition and hysteresis in a rechargeable lithium battery revisitedDreyer, Wolfgang; Gaberscek, Miran; Guhlke, Clemens; Huth, Robert; Jamnik, Janko
2008On unwanted nucleation phenomena at the wall of a VGF chamberDreyer, Wolfgang; Duderstadt, Frank; Eichler, Stefan; Naldzhieva, Margarita
2007Phase transition and hysteresis in a rechargeable lithium batteryDreyer, Wolfgang; Gaberšček, Miran; Jamnik, Janko
2007A higher gradient theory of mixtures for multi-component materials with numerical examples for binary alloysBöhme, Thomas; Dreyer, Wolfgang; Duderstadt, Frank; Müller, Wolfgang H.
2004Mathematische Modellierung und Simulation der Entstehung, des Wachstums und der Auflösung von Arsenausscheidungen in einkristallinem Galliumarsenid : Abschlussbericht des Forschungsvorhabens 03DRM3B5 ; im Rahmen des BMBF-Förderprogamms Neue Mathematishe Verfahren in Industrie und DienstleistungenDreyer, Wolfgang