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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Climate change and its effect on agriculture, water resources and human health sectors in PolandSzwed, M.; Karg, G.; Pińskwar, I.; Radziejewski, M.; Graczyk, D.; Kȩdziora, A.; Kundzewicz, Z.W.
2010Spatial structures and directionalities in Monsoonal precipitation over South AsiaMalik, N.; Marwan, N.; Kurths, J.
2010Risk, rationality, and resilienceJaeger, C.
2010The complexity of gene expression dynamics revealed by permutation entropySun, X.; Zou, Y.; Nikiforova, V.; Kurths, J.; Walther, D.
2010Bis[μ-N,N'-bis(2,6-diisopropylphenyl)ethene-1,2-diamido]-1, 4(η2);1:2κ4 N:N;3:4κ4 N:N-bis(diethyl ether)-1κO,4κO-di-μ- ydrido-2: 3κ4 H:H-2,3-dichromium(II)-1,4-dilithium(I) pentane hemisolvatePeitz, S.; Peulecke, N.; Müller, B.H.; Spannenberg, A.; Rosenthal, U.
2010Iodidobis(≠5-penta-methyl-cyclo-penta-dien-yl)titanium(III)Kessler, M.; Spannenberg, A.; Rosenthal, U.
2010Towards closing the gap between hygroscopic growth and CCN activation for secondary organic aerosols-Part 3: Influence of the chemical composition on the hygroscopic properties and volatile fractions of aerosolsPoulain, L.; Wu, Z.; Petters, M.D.; Wex, H.; Hallbauer, E.; Wehner, B.; Massling, A.; Kreidenweis, S.M.; Stratmann, F.
2010Chromo-and fluorophoric water-soluble polymers and silica particles by nucleophilic substitution reaction of poly(vinyl amine)Hofmann, K.; Kahle, I.; Simon, F.; Spange, S.
2010ROMP-Derived cyclooctene-based monolithic polymeric materials reinforced with inorganic nanoparticles for applications in tissue engineeringWeichelt, F.; Lenz, S.; Tiede, S.; Reinhardt, I.; Frerich, B.; Buchmeiser, M.R.
2010Removal of hazardous pharmaceutical from water by photocatalytic treatmentChoina, J.; Duwensee, H.; Flechsig, G.-U.; Kosslick, H.; Morawski, A.W.; Tuan, V.A.; Schulz, A.