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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The german energy transition: Societal experiment and social learning processPahle, M.; Knopf, B.; Edenhofer, O.
2012Climate-driven or human-induced: Indicating severe water scarcity in the Moulouya river basin (Morocco)Tekken, V.; Kropp, J.P.
2012Effects of climate model radiation, humidity and wind estimates on hydrological simulationsHaddeland, I.; Heinke, J.; Voß, F.; Eisner, S.; Chen, C.; Hagemann, S.; Ludwig, F.
2012Water implications of foreign direct investment in Ethiopia's agricultural sectorBossio, D.; Erkossa, T.; Dile, Y.; McCartney, M.; Killiches, F.; Hoff, H.
2012Spatial patterns of linear and nonparametric long-term trends in Baltic sea-level variabilityDonner, R.V.; Ehrcke, R.; Barbosa, S.M.; Wagner, J.; Donges, J.F.; Kurths, J.
2012Complete synchronization of chaotic atmospheric models by connecting only a subset of state spaceHiemstra, P.H.; Fujiwara, N.; Selten, F.M.; Kurths, J.
2012The theory of virtual water: Why it can help to understand local water scarcityBiewald, A.; Rolinski, S.
2012Bistable systems with stochastic noise: Virtues and limits of effective one-dimensional Langevin equationsLucarini, V.; Faranda, D.; Willeit, M.
2012Characterizing time series: When Granger causality triggers complex networksGe, T.; Cui, Y.; Lin, W.; Kurths, J.; Liu, C.
2012Digital IIR filters design using differential evolution algorithm with a controllable probabilistic population sizeZhu, W.; Fang, J.-A.; Tang, Y.; Zhang, W.; Du, W.