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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Studies on the Controlled Release of Drugs from Magnetic NanobiocompositesHeinze, Thomas; Müller, Robert; Zhou, Mengbo; Rabel, Martin; Warncke, Paul; Fischer, Dagmar
2018Design of a scalable AuNP catalyst system for plasmon-driven photocatalysisStolle, H.L.K.S.; Garwe, F.; Müller, R.; Krech, T.; Oberleiter, B.; Rainer, T.; Fritzsche, W.; Stolle, A.
2019Influence of MoS2 on activity and stability of carbon nitride in photocatalytic hydrogen productionSivasankaran, R.P.; Rockstroh, N.; Kreyenschulte, C.R.; Bartling, S.; Lund, H.; Acharjya, A.; Junge, H.; Thomas, A.; Brückner, A.
2019Intermolecular hydrogen bonding in isostructural pincer complexes [OH-(t-BuPOCOPt-Bu)MCl] (M = Pd and Pt)Joksch, M.; Spannenberg, A.; Beweries, T.
2018Nickel-Catalyzed Carbonylative Synthesis of Functionalized Alkyl IodidesPeng, J.-B.; Wu, F.-P.; Xu, C.; Qi, X.; Ying, J.; Wu, X.-F.
2018Nickel-catalysed carbonylative homologation of aryl iodidesPeng, J.-B.; Wu, F.-P.; Qi, X.; Ying, J.; Wu, X.-F.
2018Copper/iron co-catalyzed alkoxycarbonylation of unactivated alkyl bromidesLi, Y.; Wu, X.-F.
2019Engineering Kitaev exchange in stacked iridate layers: Impact of inter-layer species on in-plane magnetismYadav, R.; Eldeeb, M.S.; Ray, R.; Aswartham, S.; Sturza, M.I.; Nishimoto, S.; Van Den Brink, J.; Hozoi, L.
2019An efficient two-polymer binder for high-performance silicon nanoparticle-based lithium-ion batteries: A systematic case study with commercial polyacrylic acid and polyvinyl butyral polymersUrbanski, A.; Omar, A.; Guo, J.; Janke, A.; Reuter, U.; Malanin, M.; Schmidt, F.; Jehnichen, D.; Holzschuh, M.; Simon, F.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Giebeler, L.; Uhlmann, P.
2019In situ Raman spectroscopy on silicon nanowire anodes integrated in lithium ion batteriesKrause, A.; Tkacheva, O.; Omar, A.; Langklotz, U.; Giebeler, L.; Dörfler, S.; Fauth, F.; Mikolajick, T.; Weber, W.M.