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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Phase formation and high-temperature stability of very thin co-sputtered Ti-Al and multilayered Ti/Al films on thermally oxidized si substratesSeifert, M.; Lattner, E.; Menzel, S.B.; Oswald, S.; Gemming, T.
2020Slowness curve surface acoustic wave transducers for optimized acoustic streamingO'Rorke, R.; Winkler, A.; Collins, D.; Ai, Y.
2020Phase formation of a biocompatible Ti-based alloy under kinetic constraints studied via in-situ high-energy X-ray diffractionKosiba, K.; Rothkirch, A.; Han, J.; Deng, L.; Escher, B.; Wang, G.; Kühn, U.; Bednarcik, J.
2020Shape-adaptive single-molecule magnetism and hysteresis up to 14 K in oxide clusterfullerenes Dy2O@C72 and Dy2O@C74 with fused pentagon pairs and flexible Dy-(μ2-O)-Dy angleVelkos, G.; Yang, W.; Yao, Y.-R.; Sudarkova, S.M.; Liu, X.; Büchner, B.; Avdoshenko, S.M.; Chen, N.; Popov, A.A.
2020Substrate Developments for the Chemical Vapor Deposition Synthesis of GrapheneShi, Q.; Tokarska, K.; Ta, H.Q.; Yang, X.; Liu, Y.; Ullah, S.; Liu, L.; Trzebicka, B.; Bachmatiuk, A.; Sun, J.; Fu, L.; Liu, Z.; Rümmeli, M.H.
2020Liquid-Phase Electron Microscopy for Soft Matter Science and BiologyWu, H.; Friedrich, H.; Patterson, J.P.; Sommerdijk, N.A.J.M.; de Jonge, N.
2020Calcite incorporated in silica/collagen xerogels mediates calcium release and enhances osteoblast proliferation and differentiationRößler, S.; Unbehau, R.; Gemming, T.; Kruppke, B.; Wiesmann, H.-P.; Hanke, T.
2020Extracting local nucleation fields in permanent magnets using machine learningGusenbauer, Markus; Oezelt, Harald; Fischbacher, Johann; Kovacs, Alexander; Zhao, Panpan; Woodcock, Thomas George; Schrefl, Thomas
2020Exogenous supply of Hsp47 triggers fibrillar collagen deposition in skin cell cultures in vitroKhan, E.S.; Sankaran, S.; Llontop, L.; Del Campo, A.
2020Quantum dot-based broadband optical antenna for efficient extraction of single photons in the telecom O-bandYang, Jingzhong; Nawrath, Cornelius; Keil, Robert; Joos, Raphael; Zhang, Xi; Höfer, Bianca; Chen, Yan; Zopf, Michael; Jetter, Michael; Portalupi, Simone Luca; Ding, Fei; Michler, Peter; Schmidt, Oliver G.