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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Measurement of the linear depolarization ratio of aged dust at three wavelengths (355, 532 and 1064 nm) simultaneously over BarbadosHaarig, Moritz; Althausen, Dietrich; Ansmann, Albert; Klepel, André; Baars, Holger; Engelmann, Ronny; Groß, Silke; Freudenthaler, Volker
2014Overview: Tropospheric profiling: State of the art and future challenges - Introduction to the AMT special issueCimini, D.; Rizi, V.; Di Girolamo, P.; Marzano, F. S.; Macke, A.; Pappalardo, G.; Richter, A.
2016Near-range receiver unit of next generation PollyXT used with Koldeway aerosol Raman lidar in ArcticStachlewska, Iwona S.; Markowicz, Krzysztof M.; Ritter, Christoph; Roland Neuber, Roland; Heese, Birgit; Engelmann, Ronny; Linne, Holger
2017Towards OSGeo best practices for scientific software citation: Integration options for persistent identifiers in OSGeo project repositoriesLöwe, Peter Heinz; Neteler, Markus; Goebel, Jan; Tullney, Marco
2016Looking into CALIPSO climatological products: Evaluation and suggestions from EARLINETPapagiannopoulos, Nikolaos; Mona, Lucia; Alados-Alboledas, Lucas; Amiridis, Vassilis; Bortoli, Daniele; D’Amico, Giuseppe; Costa, Maria Joao; Pereira, Sergio; Spinelli, Nicola; Wandinger, Ulla Wandinger; Pappalardo, Gelsomina
2016Observation of Arabian and Saharan dust in Cyprus with a new generation of the smart Raman lidar PollyEngelmann, Ronny; Ansmann, Albert; Bühl, Johannes; Heese, Birgit; Baars, Holger; Althausen, Dietrich; Marinou, Eleni; Amiridis, Vassilis; Mamouri, Rodanthi-Elisavet; Vrekoussis, Mihalis
2016Overview of the Earthcare L2 lidar retrieval chainvan Zadelhoff, Gerd-Jan; Donovan, D.; Wandinger, U.; Daou, D.; Horn, S.; Hunerbein, A.; Fischer, J.; von Bismarck, J.; Filipitsch, F.; Docter, N.; Eisinger, M.; Lajas, D.; Wehr, T.
2016Study case of air-mass modification over Poland and Romania observed by the means of multiwavelength Raman depolarization lidarsCosta-Surós, Montserrat; Janicka, Lucja; Stachlewska, Iwona S.; Nemuc, Anca; Talianu, Camelia; Heese, Birgit; Engelmann, Ronny
2016Standards – An important step for the (public) use of lidarsAlthausen, Dietrich; Emeis, Stefan; Flentje, Harald; Guttenberger, Josef; Jäckel, Simon; Lehmann, Volker; Mattis, Ina; Münkel, Christoph; Peters, Gerhard; Ritter, Christoph; Wiegner, Matthias; Wille, Holger
2014Measuring soot particles from automotive exhaust emissionsAndres, Hanspeter; Lüönd, Felix; Schlatter, Jürg; Auderset, Kevin; Jordan-Gerkens, Anke; Nowak, Andreas; Ebert, Volker; Buhr, Egbert; Klein, Tobias; Tuch, Thomas; Wiedensohler, Alfred; Mamakos, Athanasios; Riccobono, Francesco; Discher, Kai; Högström, Richard; Yli-Ojanperä, Jaakko; Quincey, Paul