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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Studies on the Controlled Release of Drugs from Magnetic NanobiocompositesHeinze, Thomas; Müller, Robert; Zhou, Mengbo; Rabel, Martin; Warncke, Paul; Fischer, Dagmar
2019Thiol-Methylsulfone Based Hydrogels: Enhanced Control on Gelation Kinetics for 3D Cell EncapsulationFarrukh, Aleeza; Włodarczyk-Biegun, Malgorzata K.; del Campo, Aránzazu
2019Targeted T1 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Enhancement with Extraordinarily Small CoFe2O4 NanoparticlesPiché, Dominique; Tavernaro, Isabella; Fleddermann, Jana; Lozano, Juan G.; Varambhia, Aakash; Maguire, Mahon L.; Koch, Marcus; Ukai, Tomofumi; Hernández Rodríguez, Armando J.; Jones, Lewys; Dillon, Frank; Reyes Molina, Israel; Mitzutani, Mai; González Dalmau, Evelio R.; Maekawa, Toru; Nellist, Peter D.; Kraegeloh, Annette; Grobert, Nicole
2019Enantiomer-selective magnetization of conglomerates for quantitative chiral separationYe, X.; Cui, J.; Li, B.; Li, N.; Wang, R.; Yan, Z.; Tan, J.; Zhang, J.; Wan, X.
2019Strength of bacterial adhesion on nanostructured surfaces quantified by substrate morphometrySpengler, C.; Nolle, F.; Mischo, J.; Faidt, T.; Grandthyll, S.; Thewes, N.; Koch, M.; Müller, F.; Bischoff, M.; Klatt, M.A.; Jacobs, K.
2019General and selective deoxygenation by hydrogen using a reusable earth-abundant metal catalystSchwob, T.; Kunnas, P.; De, Jonge, N.; Papp, C.; Steinrück, H.-P.; Kempe, R.
2019Gallium and Indium Alkoxides with Hydride, Cyclopentadienediide and Copper(I) tert-Butoxide as further ComponentsVeith, M.; Summa, D.; Annel, U.; Huch, V.
2019Low voltage operation of a silver/silver chloride battery with high desalination capacity in seawaterSrimuk, P.; Husmann, S.; Presser, V.
2019Influence of MoS2 on activity and stability of carbon nitride in photocatalytic hydrogen productionSivasankaran, R.P.; Rockstroh, N.; Kreyenschulte, C.R.; Bartling, S.; Lund, H.; Acharjya, A.; Junge, H.; Thomas, A.; Brückner, A.
2019Intermolecular hydrogen bonding in isostructural pincer complexes [OH-(t-BuPOCOPt-Bu)MCl] (M = Pd and Pt)Joksch, M.; Spannenberg, A.; Beweries, T.