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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A molecular dynamics view of hysteresis and functional fatigue in martensitic transformationsKastner, Oliver; Ackland, Graeme J.; Eggeler, Gunther; Weiss, Wolf
2010Hysteresis and phase transition in many-particle storage systemsDreyer, Wolfgang; Guhlke, Clemens; Herrmann, Michael
2007Phase transition and hysteresis in a rechargeable lithium batteryDreyer, Wolfgang; Gaberšček, Miran; Jamnik, Janko
2016Solvability of an unsaturated porous media flow problem with thermomechanical interactionAlbers, Bettina; Krejc̆í, Pavel; Rocca, Elisabetta
2015Memory and adaptive behaviour in population dynamics: Anti-predator behaviour as a case studyPimenov, Alexander; Kelly, Thomas C.; Korobeinikov, Andrei; OCallaghan, Michael J.; Rachinskii, Dmitrii
2006Asymptotic behavior of a Neumann parabolic problem with hysteresisEleuteri, Michela; Krejčí, Pavel
2009The behavior of a many particle cathode in a lithium-ion batteryDreyer, Wolfgang; Guhlke, Clemens; Huth, Robert
2009Hysteresis in the context of hydrogen storage and lithium-ion batteriesDreyer, Wolfgang; Guhlke, Clemens; Huth, Robert
2016Analysis of an operator-differential model for magnetostrictive energy harvestingDavino, Daniele; Krejc̆í, Pavel; Pimenov, Alexander; Rachinskii, Dmitrii; Visone, Ciro
2012Self-heating, bistability, and thermal switching in organic semiconductorsFischer, Axel; Pahner, Paul; Lüssem, Björn; Scholz, Reinhard; Koprucki, Thomas; Gärtner, Klaus; Glitzky, Annegret