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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Turbulent energy dissipation rates observed by Doppler MST Radar and by rocket-borne instruments during the MIDAS/MaCWAVE campaign 2002Engler, N.; Latteck, R.; Strelnikov, B.; Singer, W.; Rapp, M.
2001On the longitudinal structure of the transient day-to-day variation of the semidiurnal tide in the mid-latitude lower thermosphere - I. Winter seasonMerzlyakov, E. G.; Portnyagin, Yu. I.; Jacobi, C.; Mitchell, N. J.; Muller, H. G.; Manson, A. H.; Fachrutdinova, A. N.; Singer, W.; Hoffmann, P.
2006Propagation of short-period gravity waves at high-latitudes during the MaCWAVE winter campaignNielsen, K.; Taylor, M. J.; Pautet, P.-D.; Fritts, D. C.; Mitchell, N.; Beldon, C.; Williams, B. P.; Singer, W.; Schmidlin, F. J.; Goldberg, R. A.
2004Mesopause dynamics from the Scandinavian triangle of radars within the PSMOS-DATAR projectManson, A. H.; Meek, C. E.; Hall, C. M.; Nozawa, S.; Mitchell, N. J.; Pancheva, D.; Singer, W.; Hoffmann, P.
2004A case study of gravity waves in noctilucent cloudsDalin, P.; Kirkwood, S.; Moström, A.; Stebel, K.; Hoffmann, P.; Singer, W.
2008Similarities and differences in polar mesosphere summer echoes observed in the Arctic and AntarcticaLatteck, R.; Singer, W.; Morris, R. J.; Hocking, W. K.; Murphy, D. J.; Holdsworth, D. A.; Swarnalingam, N.
2008Latitudinal wave coupling of the stratosphere and mesosphere during the major stratospheric warming in 2003/2004Pancheva, D.; Mukhtarov, P.; Mitchell, N. J.; Andonov, B.; Merzlyakov, E.; Singer, W.; Murayama, Y.; Kawamura, S.; Xiong, J.; Wan, W.; Hocking, W.; Fritts, D.; Riggin, D.; Meek, C.; Manson, A.
2004Monthly mean climatology of the prevailing winds and tides in the Artic mesosphere/lower thermospherePortnyagin, Y. I.; Solovjova, T. V.; Makarov, N. A.; Merzlyakov, E. G.; Manson, A. H.; Meek, C. E.; Hocking, W.; Mitchell, N.; Pancheva, D.; Hoffmann, P.; Singer, W.; Murayama, Y.; Igarashi, K.; Forbes, J. M.; Palo, S.; Hall, C.; Nozawa, S.
2007Long-term variations of the mesospheric wind field at mid-latitudesKeuer, D.; Hoffmann, P.; Singer, W.; Bremer, J.
2008A case study of a sporadic sodium layer observed by the ALOMAR Weber Na lidarNesse, H.; Heinrich, D.; Williams, B.; Hoppe, U.-P.; Stadsnes, J.; Rietveld, M.; Singer, W.; Blum, U.; Sandanger, M. I.; Trondsen, E.