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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Measuring conditions for second order X-ray Bragg-spectrometryDellith, J.; Scheffel, A.; Wendt, M.
2014Experimental strategies for optical pump - Soft x-ray probe experiments at the LCLSMcFarland, B.K.; Berrah, N.; Bostedt, C.; Bozek, J.; Bucksbaum, P.H.; Castagna, J.C.; Coffee, R.N.; Cryan, J.P.; Fang, L.; Farrell, J.P.; Feifel, R.; Gaffney, K.J.; Glownia, J.M.; Martinez, T.J.; Miyabe, S.; Mucke, M.; Murphy, B.; Natan, A.; Osipov, T.; Petrovic, V.S.; Schorb, S.; Schultz, T.; Spector, L.S.; Swiggers, M.; Tarantelli, F.; Tenney, I.; Wang, S.; White, J.L.; White, W.; Gühr, M.
2014Femtosecond spectroscopy in a nearly optimally doped Fe-based superconductors FeSe0.5Te0.5 and Ba(Fe 1-xCox)2As2/Fe thin filmBonavolontà, C.; Parlato, L.; De, Lisio, C.; Valentino, M.; Pepe, G.P.; Kazumasa, I.; Kurth, F.; Bellingeri, E.; Pallecchi, I.; Putti, M.; Ferdeghini, C.; Ummarino, G.A.; Laviano, F.
2014Cryogenic time-domain multiplexer based on SQUID arrays and superconducting/normal conducting switchesBeev, N.; Kiviranta, M.; Van Der Kuur, J.; Bruijn, M.; Brandel, O.; Linzen, S.; Fritzsch, L.; Ahoranta, J.; Penttilä, J.; Roschier, L.
2014Pulsed laser deposition of thick BaHfO3-doped YBa 2Cu307-δ films on highly alloyed textured Ni-W tapesSieger, M.; Hänisch, J.; Iida, K.; Gaitzsch, U.; Rodig, C.; Schultz, L.; Holzapfel, B.; Hühne, R.
2014Incorporation of nitrogen into TiO2 thin films during PVD processesAsenova, I.; Manova, D.; Mändl, S.
2014Photoelectron holography in strong optical and dc electric fieldsStodolna, A.; Huismans, Y.; Rouzée, A.; Lépine, F.; Vrakking, M.J.J.
2014Optical diagnostics of streamers: From laboratory micro-scale to upper-atmospheric large-scale dischargesSimek, M.; Hoder, T.; Prukner, V.; Ambrico, P.F.
2013A compact laboratory transmission X-ray microscope for the water windowLegall, H.; Stiel, H.; Blobel, G.; Seim, C.; Baumann, J.; Yulin, S.; Esser, D.; Hoefer, M.; Wiesemann, U.; Wirtz, M.; Schneider, G.; Rehbein, S.; Hertz, H.M.
2013GaN-based radial heterostructure nanowires grown by MBE and ALDLari, L.; Ross, I.M.; Walther, T.; Black, K.; Cheze, C.; Geelhaar, L.; Riechert, H.; Chalker, P.R.