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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Holographic vector field electron tomography of three-dimensional nanomagnetsWolf, D.; Biziere, N.; Sturm, S.; Reyes, D.; Wade, T.; Niermann, T.; Krehl, J.; Warot-Fonrose, B.; Büchner, B.; Snoeck, E.; Gatel, C.; Lubk, A.
2019Nanoscale spectroscopic imaging of GaAs-AlGaAs quantum well tube nanowires: Correlating luminescence with nanowire size and inner multishell structurePrete, P.; Wolf, D.; Marzo, F.; Lovergine, N.
2018Two-step magnetization reversal FORC fingerprint of coupled bi-segmented Ni/Co magnetic nanowire arraysFernández, J.G.; Martínez, V.V.; Thomas, A.; de la Prida Pidal, V.M.; Nielsch, K.
2014On the electronic properties of a single dislocationReiche, M.; Kittler, M.; Erfurth, W.; Pippel, E.; Sklarek, K.; Blumtritt, H.; Haehnel, A.; Uebensee, H.
2014Scanning single quantum emitter fluorescence lifetime imaging: Quantitative analysis of the local density of photonic statesSchell, A.W.; Engel, P.; Werra, J.F.M.; Wolff, C.; Busch, K.; Benson, O.
2015Edge states and topological insulating phases generated by curving a nanowire with Rashba spin-orbit couplingGentile, Paola; Cuoco, Mario; Ortix, Carmine
2016Diffraction at GaAs/Fe3Si core/shell nanowires: The formation of nanofacetsJenichen, B.; Hanke, M.; Hilse, M.; Herfort, J.; Trampert, A.; Erwin, S. C.
2011Molecular beam epitaxy of GaAs nanowires and their suitability for optoelectronic applications – comparing Au- and self-assisted growth methodsBreuer, Steffen
2012Polarized recombination of acoustically transported carriers in GaAs nanowiresMöller, Michael; Hernández-Mínguez, Alberto; Breuer, Steffen; Pfüller, Carsten; Brandt, Oliver; de Lima Jr, Mauricio M.; Cantarero, Andrés; Geelhaar, Lutz; Riechert, Henning; Santos, Paulo V.
2018Electronic properties of wurtzite GaAs: A correlated structural, optical, and theoretical analysis of the same polytypic GaAs nanowireSenichev, Alexander; Corfdir, Pierre; Brandt, Oliver; Ramsteiner, Manfred; Breuer, Steffen; Schilling, Jörg; Geelhaar, Lutz; Werner, Peter