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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Phase formation and high-temperature stability of very thin co-sputtered Ti-Al and multilayered Ti/Al films on thermally oxidized si substratesSeifert, M.; Lattner, E.; Menzel, S.B.; Oswald, S.; Gemming, T.
2020High temperature behavior of rual thin films on piezoelectric CTGS and LGS substratesSeifert, M.
2020Valence effect on the thermopower of Eu systemsStockert, U.; Seiro, S.; Seiro, S.; Caroca-Canales, N.; Hassinger, E.; Hassinger, E.; Geibel, C.
2018Site-controlled formation of single Si nanocrystals in a buried SiO2 matrix using ion beam mixingXu, X.; Prüfer, T.; Wolf, D.; Engelmann, H.-J.; Bischoff, L.; Hübner, R.; Heinig, K.-H.; Möller, W.; Facsko, S.; von Borany, J.; Hlawacek, G.
2010Scalable, high power line focus diode laser for crystallizing of silicon thin filmsLichtenstein, N.; Baettig, R.; Brunner, R.; Müller, J.; Valk, B.; Gawlik, A.; Bergmann, J.; Falk, F.
2011Phenomenology of iron-assisted ion beam pattern formation on Si(001)MacKo, S.; Frost, F.; Engler, M.; Hirsch, D.; Höche, T.; Grenzer, J.; Michely, T.
2012Iron-assisted ion beam patterning of Si(001) in the crystalline regimeMacko, S.; Grenzer, J.; Frost, F.; Engler, M.; Hirsch, D.; Fritzsche, M.; Mücklich, A.; Michely, T.
2014On the electronic properties of a single dislocationReiche, M.; Kittler, M.; Erfurth, W.; Pippel, E.; Sklarek, K.; Blumtritt, H.; Haehnel, A.; Uebensee, H.
2011X-ray nanodiffraction on a single SiGe quantum dot inside a functioning field-effect transistorHrauda, N.; Zhang, J.; Wintersberger, E.; Etzelstorfer, T.; Mandl, B.; Stangl, J.; Carbone, D.; Holý, V.; Jovanović, V.; Biasotto, C.; Nanver, L.K.; Moers, J.; Grützmacher, D.; Bauer, G.
2013A graphene-based hot electron transistorVaziri, S.; Lupina, G.; Henkel, C.; Smith, A.D.; Östling, M.; Dabrowski, J.; Lippert, G.; Mehr, W.; Lemme, M.C.