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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Di-μ-chlorido-bis­­({4-[bis­(tri­methylsilyl)amino]-6-chloro-2,2,8,8-tetra­methyl-5,7-bis­(tri­methylsilyl)-3,5,7-tri­aza-4,6-diphospha-2,8-disilanon-3-en-4-ido-κ2P,P′}palladium(II)) di­ethyl ether disolvateHöhne, Martha; Müller, Bernd H.; Spannenberg, Anke; Rosenthal, Uwe
2016A second polymorph of 3,4-bis­­(6-bromo­pyridin-3-yl)-1,2,5-thia­diazoleBecker, Lisanne; Altenburger, Kai; Spannenberg, Anke; Arndt, Perdita; Rosenthal, Uwe
2014A faux hawk fullerene with PCBM-like propertiesSan, Long K.; Bukovsky, Eric V.; Larson, Bryon W.; Whitaker, James B.; Deng, S. H. M.; Kopidakis, Nikos; Rumbles, Garry; Popov, Alexey A.; Chen, Yu-Sheng; Wang, Xue-Bin; Boltalina, Olga V.; Strauss, Steven H.
20181,1-Bis(di­phenyl­phosphor­yl)hydrazineHöhne, Martha; Aluri, Bhaskar R.; Spannenberg, Anke; Müller, Bernd H.; Peulecke, Normen; Rosenthal, Uwe
2019Intermolecular hydrogen bonding in isostructural pincer complexes [OH-(t-BuPOCOPt-Bu)MCl] (M = Pd and Pt)Joksch, M.; Spannenberg, A.; Beweries, T.
2020Syntheses, crystal structure and magnetic properties of Tl9RETe6 (RE = Ce, Sm, Gd)Isaeva, A.; Schönemann, R.; Doert, T.
2009Bis[N,N′-bis-(2,6-diisopropylphenyl)ethane-1,2-diimine] -1κ2 N,N′;2κ2 N,N′-tri - Trichlorido-1:2κ6 Cl:Clchlorido-1Cltetrahydrofuran- 2Odichromium(II) dichloromethane 4.5-solvatePeitz, S.; Peulecke, N.; Müller, B.H.; Spannenberg, A.; Rosenthal, U.
2009Diacetonitrile[N,N′-bis(2,6-diisopropyl-phenyl)ethane-1,2-diimine] dichloridochromium(II) acetonitrile solvatePeitz, S.; Peulecke, N.; Müller, B.H.; Spannenberg, A.; Rosenthal, U.
2009[1-Dimethylsilyl-2-phenyl-3-(η5-tetramethylcyclopentadienyl) prop-1-en-1-ylκC1](n5-pentamethylcyclopentadienyl)- titanium(III)Lamač, M.; Spannenberg, A.; Arndt, P.; Rosenthal, U.
2009P-[N-(Diphenyl-phospho-rothio-yl)iso-propyl-amino]-N-isopropyl-P-phenyl- thio-phosphinic amidePeulecke, N.; Aluri, B.R.; Wöhl, A.; Spannenberg, A.; Al-Hazmi, M.H.