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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Variation of particle number size distributions and chemical compositions at the urban and downwind regional sites in the Pearl River Delta during summertime pollution episodesYue, D. L.; Hu, M.; Wu, Z. J.; Guo, S.; Wen, M. T.; Nowak, A.; Wehner, B.; Wiedensohler, A.; Takegawa, N.; Kondo, Y.; Wang, X. S.; Li, Y. P.; Zeng, L. M.; Zhang, Y. H.
2015Observations of new particle formation in enhanced UV irradiance zones near cumulus cloudsWehner, B.; Werner, F.; Ditas, F.; Shaw, R. A.; Kulmala, M.; Siebert, H.
2003Long term measurements of submicrometer urban aerosols: Statistical analysis for correlations with meteorological conditions and trace gasesWehner, B.; Wiedensohler, A.
2010Observations of turbulence-induced new particle formation in the residual layerWehner, B.; Siebert, H.; Ansmann, A.; Ditas, F.; Seifert, P.; Stratmann, F.; Wiedensohler, A.; Apituley, A.; Shaw, R. A.; Manninen, H. E.; Kulmala, M.
2008New particle formation in the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky MountainsBoy, M.; Karl, T.; Turnipseed, A.; Mauldin, R. L.; Kosciuch, E.; Greenberg, J.; Massling, A.; Rathbone, J.; Smith, J.; Held, A.; Barsanti, K.; Wehner, B.; Bauer, S.; Wiedensohler, A.; Bonn, B.; Kulmala, M.; Guenther, A.
2007Size distributions of non-volatile particle residuals (Dp<800 nm) at a rural site in Germany and relation to air mass originEngler, C.; Rose, D.; Wehner, B.; Wiedensohler, A.; Brüggemann, E.; Gnauk, T.; Spindler, G.; Tuch, T.; Birmili, W.
2011On the sub-micron aerosol size distribution in a coastal-rural site at El Arenosillo Station (SW – Spain)Sorribas, M.; de la Morena, B. A.; Wehner, B.; López, J. F.; Prats, N.; Mogo, S.; Wiedensohler, A.; Cachorro, V. E.
2012Size-resolved measurement of the mixing state of soot in the megacity Beijing, China: Diurnal cycle, aging and parameterizationCheng, Y. F.; Su, H.; Rose, D.; Gunthe, S. S.; Berghof, M.; Wehner, B.; Achtert, P.; Nowak, A.; Takegawa, N.; Kondo, Y.; Shiraiwa, M.; Gong, Y. G.; Shao, M.; Hu, M.; Zhu, T.; Zhang, Y. H.; Carmichael, G. R.; Wiedensohler, A.; Andreae, M. O.; Pöschl, U.
2008Particle size distributions in the Eastern Mediterranean troposphereKalivitis, N.; Birmili, W.; Stock, M.; Wehner, B.; Massling, A.; Wiedensohler, A.; Gerasopoulos, E.; Mihalopoulos, N.
2013The fine-scale structure of the trade wind cumuli over Barbados – An introduction to the CARRIBA projectSiebert, H.; Beals, M.; Bethke, J.; Bierwirth, E.; Conrath, T.; Dieckmann, K.; Ditas, F.; Ehrlich, A.; Farrell, D.; Hartmann, S.; Izaguirre, M. A.; Katzwinkel, J.; Nuijens, L.; Roberts, G.; Schäfer, M.; Shaw, R. A.; Schmeissner, T.; Serikov, I.; Stevens, B.; Stratmann, F.; Wehner, B.; Wendisch, M.; Werner, F.; Wex, H.