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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Glycerylphytate as an ionic crosslinker for 3D printing of multi-layered scaffolds with improved shape fidelity and biological featuresMora-Boza, A.; Włodarczyk-Biegun, M.K.; Del Campo, A.; Vázquez-Lasa, B.; Román, J.S.
2010Keratin homogeneity in the tail feathers of Pavo cristatus and Pavo cristatus mut. albaPabisch, S.; Puchegger, S.; Kirchner, H.O.K.; Weiss, I.M.; Peterlik, H.
2010A guide to super-resolution fluorescence microscopySchermelleh, L.; Heintzmann, R.; Leonhardt, H.
2010A novel, low-volume method for organ culture of embryonic kidneys that allows development of cortico-medullary anatomical organizationSebinger, D.D.R.; Unbekandt, M.; Ganeva, V.V.; Ofenbauer, A.; Werner, C.; Davies, J.A.
2014Persistent effectivity of gas plasma-treated, long time-stored liquid on epithelial cell adhesion capacity and membrane morphologyHoentsch, M.; Bussiahn, R.; Rebl, H.; Bergemann, C.; Eggert, M.; Frank, M.; Von Woedtke, T.; Nebe, B.
2011Charge isomers of myelin basic protein: Structure and interactions with membranes, nucleotide analogues, and calmodulinWang, C.; Neugebauer, U.; Bürck, J.; Myllykoski, M.; Baumgärtel, P.; Popp, J.; Kursula, P.
2013Discovery of 505-million-year old chitin in the basal demosponge Vauxia gracilentaEhrlich, H.; Rigby, J.K.; Botting, J.P.; Tsurkan, M.V.; Werner, C.; Schwille, P.; Petrášek, Z.; Pisera, A.; Simon, P.; Sivkov, V.N.; Vyalikh, D.V.; Molodtsov, S.L.; Kurek, D.; Kammer, M.; Hunoldt, S.; Born, R.; Stawski, D.; Steinhof, A.; Bazhenov, V.V.; Geisler, T.
2011Smart skin patterns protect springtailsHelbig, R.; Nickerl, J.; Neinhuis, C.; Werner, C.