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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012GFP facilitates native purification of recombinant perlucin derivatives and delays the precipitation of calcium carbonateWeber, Eva; Guth, Christina; Weiss, Ingrid M.
2013Peptide induced crystallization of calcium carbonate on wrinkle patterned substrate: implications for chitin formation in molluscsWeiss, Ingrid M.; Ghatak, Anindita Sengupta; Koch, Markus; Guth, Christina
2014Real-time monitoring of calcium carbonate and cationic peptide deposition on carboxylate-SAM using a microfluidic SAW biosensorPohl, Anna; Weiss, Ingrid M.
2009Fast and sensitive screening of transparent composite materials using polarized light image processingWeiss, Ingrid M.; Heiland, Birgit
2012Hierarchical super-structure identified by polarized light microscopy, electron microscopy and nanoindentation: implications for the limits of biological control over the growth mode of abalone sea shellsSchneider, Andreas S.; Heiland, Birgit; Peter, Nicolas J.; Guth, Christina; Arzt, Eduard; Weiss, Ingrid M.
2016Datasets from a vapor diffusion mineral precipitation protocol for Dictyostelium stalksEder, Magdalena; Muth, Christina; Weiss, Ingrid M.
2007The structure of mollusc larval shells formed in the presence of the chitin synthase inhibitor Nikkomycin ZWeiss, Ingrid M.; Schönitzer, Veronika
2014Structure-property relationships in mechanically stimulated Sorghum bicolor stalksLemloh, Marie-Louise; Pohl, Anna; Zeiger, Marco; Bauer, Petra; Weiss, Ingrid M.; Schneider, Andreas S.
2012Species-specific shells: chitin synthases and cell mechanics in molluscsWeiss, Ingrid M.