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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012DipA, a pore-forming protein in the outer membrane of lyme disease spirochetes exhibits specificity for the permeation of dicarboxylateThein, Marcus; Bonde, Mari; Bunikis, Ignas; Denker, Katrin; Sickmann, Albert; Bergström, Sven; Benz, Roland
2018Effects of new beta-type Ti-40Nb implant materials, brain-derived neurotrophic factor, acetylcholine and nicotine on human mesenchymal stem cells of osteoporotic and non osteoporotic donorsKauschke, V.; Gebert, A.; Calin, M.; Eckert, J.; Scheich, S.; Heiss, C.; Lips, K.S.
2014Glycosaminoglycan-based hydrogels to modulate heterocellular communication in in vitro angiogenesis modelsChwalek, K.; Tsurkan, M.V.; Freudenberg, U.; Werner, C.
2012Liver Dysfunction and Phosphatidylinositol-3-Kinase Signalling in Early Sepsis: Experimental Studies in Rodent Models of PeritonitisRecknagel, P.; Gonnert, F.A.; Westermann, M.; Lambeck, S.; Lupp, A.; Rudiger, A.; Dyson, A.; Carré, J.E.; Kortgen, A.; Krafft, C.; Popp, J.; Sponholz, C.; Fuhrmann, V.; Hilger, I.; Claus, R.A.; Riedemann, N.C.; Wetzker, R.; Singer, M.; Trauner, M.; Bauer, M.
2014Sleep apnea-hypopnea quantification by cardiovascular data analysisCamargo, S.; Riedl, M.; Anteneodo, C.; Kurths, J.; Penzel, T.; Wessel, N.
2008Alterations in Event Related Potentials (ERP) associated with tinnitus distress and attentionDelb, W.; Strauss, D.J.; Low, Y.F.; Seidler, H.; Rheinschmitt, A.; Wobrock, T.; D'Amelio, R.
2014Cardio-respiratory coordination increases during sleep apneaRiedl, M.; Müller, A.; Kraemer, J.F.; Penzel, T.; Kurths, J.; Wessel, N.
2013Bio-responsive polymer hydrogels homeostatically regulate blood coagulationMaitz, M.F.; Freudenberg, U.; Tsurkan, M.V.; Fischer, M.; Beyrich, T.; Werner, C.
2014The novel arylindolylmaleimide PDA-66 displays pronounced antiproliferative effects in acute lymphoblastic leukemia cellsKretzschmar, C.; Roolf, C.; Langhammer, T.-S.; Sekora, A.; Pews-Davtyan, A.; Beller, M.; Frech, M.J.; Eisenlöffel, C.; Rolfs, A.; Junghanss, C.
2013Differential influence of components resulting from atmospheric-pressure plasma on integrin expression of human HaCaT keratinocytesHaertel, B.; Straßenburg, S.; Oehmigen, K.; Wende, K.; Von Woedtke, T.; Lindequist, U.