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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Proteinase-activated receptor-2 agonist activates anti-influenza mechanisms and modulates IFNγ induced antiviral pathways in human neutrophilsFeld, Micha; Shpacovitch, Victoria; Ehrhardt, Christina; Fastrich, Michaela; Goerge, Tobias; Ludwig, Stephan; Steinhoff, Martin
2012Liver Dysfunction and Phosphatidylinositol-3-Kinase Signalling in Early Sepsis: Experimental Studies in Rodent Models of PeritonitisRecknagel, P.; Gonnert, F.A.; Westermann, M.; Lambeck, S.; Lupp, A.; Rudiger, A.; Dyson, A.; Carré, J.E.; Kortgen, A.; Krafft, C.; Popp, J.; Sponholz, C.; Fuhrmann, V.; Hilger, I.; Claus, R.A.; Riedemann, N.C.; Wetzker, R.; Singer, M.; Trauner, M.; Bauer, M.
2013Anti-Prion Drug mPPIg5 Inhibits PrPC Conversion to PrPScMcCarthy, J.M.; Franke, M.; Resenberger, U.K.; Waldron, S.; Simpson, J.C.; Tatzelt, J.; Appelhans, D.; Rogers, M.S.
2013Antimicrobial Efficacy of Two Surface Barrier Discharges with Air Plasma against In Vitro BiofilmsMatthes, R.; Bender, C.; Schlüter, R.; Koban, I.; Bussiahn, R.; Reuter, S.; Lademann, J.; Weltmann, K.-D.; Kramer, A.
2013Rolled-up magnetic microdrillers: Towards remotely controlled minimally invasive surgeryXi, W.; Solovev, A.A.; Ananth, A.N.; Gracias, D.H.; Sanchez, S.; Schmidt, O.G.
2008Alterations in Event Related Potentials (ERP) associated with tinnitus distress and attentionDelb, W.; Strauss, D.J.; Low, Y.F.; Seidler, H.; Rheinschmitt, A.; Wobrock, T.; D'Amelio, R.
2014Insulin adsorption to catheter materials used for intensive insulin therapy in critically ill patients: Polyethylene versus polyurethane - possible cause of variation in glucose control?Ley, S.C.; Ammann, J.; Herder, C.; Dickhaus, T.; Hartmann, M.; Kindgen-Milles, D.
2014Cardio-respiratory coordination increases during sleep apneaRiedl, M.; Müller, A.; Kraemer, J.F.; Penzel, T.; Kurths, J.; Wessel, N.
2013Bio-responsive polymer hydrogels homeostatically regulate blood coagulationMaitz, M.F.; Freudenberg, U.; Tsurkan, M.V.; Fischer, M.; Beyrich, T.; Werner, C.
2017Projections of temperature-related excess mortality under climate change scenariosGasparrini, A.; Guo, Y.; Sera, F.; Vicedo-Cabrera, A.M.; Huber, V.; Tong, S.; de Sousa Zanotti Stagliorio Coelho, M.; Nascimento Saldiva, P.H.; Lavigne, E.; Matus Correa, P.; Valdes Ortega, N.; Kan, H.; Osorio, S.; Kyselý, J.; Urban, A.; Jaakkola, J.J.K.; Ryti, N.R.I.; Pascal, M.; Goodman, P.G.; Zeka, A.; Michelozzi, P.; Scortichini, M.; Hashizume, M.; Honda, Y.; Hurtado-Diaz, M.; Cesar Cruz, J.; Seposo, X.; Kim, H.; Tobias, A.; Iñiguez, C.; Forsberg, B.; Åström, D.O.; Ragettli, M.S.; Guo, Y.L.; Wu, C.-F.; Zanobetti, A.; Schwartz, J.; Bell, M.L.; Dang, T.N.; Van, D.D.; Heaviside, C.; Vardoulakis, S.; Hajat, S.; Haines, A.; Armstrong, B.