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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Self-Adhesive Elastomeric Wound Scaffold for Sensitive Adhesion to TissueBoyadzieva, Silviya; Sorg, Katharina; Danner, Martin; Fischer, Sarah C.; Hensel, René; Schick, Bernhard; Wenzel, Gentiana; Arzt, Eduard; Kruttwig, Klaus
2017Composite pillars with a tunable interface for adhesion to rough substratesFischer, Sarah C. L.; Arzt, Eduard; Hensel, René
2016Fibrillar elastomeric micropatterns create tunable adhesion even to rough surfacesBarreau, Viktoriia; Hensel, René; Guimard, Nathalie K.; Ghatak, Animangsu; McMeeking, Robert M.; Arzt, Eduard
2017Cohesive detachment of an elastic pillar from a dissimilar substrateFleck, Norman A.; Khaderi, Syed Nizamuddin; McMeeking, Robert M.; Arzt, Eduard
2010Size dependent strength of bcc metal micropillars: towards high strength surfaces by micropatterningSchneider, Andreas; Arzt, Eduard
2016Numerical study of adhesion enhancement by composite fibrils with soft tip layersBalijepalli, Ram Gopal; Fischer, Sarah C. L.; Hensel, René; McMeeking, Robert M.; Arzt, Eduard
2010The role of the backing layer in the mechanical properties of micrometer-scale fibrillar structuresGuidoni, Griselda; Schillo, Dominik; Hangen, Ude; Castellanos, Graciela; Arzt, Eduard; McMeeking, Robert; Bennewitz, Roland
2017Elevated temperature adhesion of bioinspired polymeric micropatterns to glassBarreau, Viktoriia; Yu, Dan; Hensel, René; Arzt, Eduard
2017Funnel-shaped microstructures for strong reversible adhesionFischer, Sarah C. L.; Groß, Katja; Abad, Oscar Torrents; Becker, MIchael M.; Park, Euiyoung; Hensel, René; Arzt, Eduard
2018Adhesion and relaxation of a soft elastomer on surfaces with skin like roughnessFischer, Sarah; Boyadzhieva, Silviya; Hensel, René; Kruttwig, Klaus; Arzt, Eduard