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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Increased biocompatibility and bioactivity after energetic PVD surface treatmentsMändl, S.
2009Advances for the topographic characterisation of SMC materialsCalvimontes, A.; Grundke, K.; Müller, A.; Stamm, M.
2009Investigation of changes in crystalline and amorphous structure during deformation of nano-reinforced semi-crystalline polymers by space-resolved synchrotron saxs and waxsSchneider, K.; Schone, A.; Jun, T.-S.; Korsunsky, A.M.
2009Arrays of regenerated fiber bragg gratings in non-hydrogen-loaded photosensitive fibers for high-temperature sensor networksLindner, E.; Chojetztki, C.; Brueckner, S.; Becker, M.; Rothhardt, M.; Vlekken, J.; Bartelt, H.
2007Polymeric monolithic materials: Syntheses, properties, functionalization and applicationsBuchmeiser, M.R.
2009Phase transition and anomalous low temperature ferromagnetic phase in Pr 0.6Sr 0.4MnO 3 single crystalsRößler, S.; Harikrishnan, S.; Naveen Kumar, C.M.; Bhat, H.L.; Elizabeth, S.; Rößler, U.K.; Steglich, F.; Wirth, S.
2009Remote system for detection of low-levels of methane based on photonic crystal fibres and wavelength modulation spectroscopyCarvalho, J.P.; Lehmann, H.; Bartelt, H.; Magalhes, F.; Amezcua-Correa, R.; Santos, J.L.; Roosbroeck, J.V.; Arajo, F.M.; Ferreira, L.A.; Knight, J.C.
2007Formation of star-like and core-shell AuAg nanoparticles during two- and three-step preparation in batch and in microfluidic systemsKöhler, J.M.; Romanus, H.; Hübner, U.; Wagner, J.
2008Laser-induced backside wet etching of transparent materials with organic and metallic absorbersZimmer, K.; Böhme, R.
2004Abschlussbericht zum Teilvorhaben "Grundlegende Untersuchungen zur Anpassung des Strahlprofils von Breitstrahlionenquellen" im Verbundprojekt "Strahlprofilsteuerung großflächiger Ionenstrahlquellen für die Ultrapräzisionsbearbeitung"IOM