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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Magnetosensitive e-skins with directional perception for augmented realityCañón Bermúdez, G.S.; Karnaushenko, D.D.; Karnaushenko, D.; Lebanov, A.; Bischoff, L.; Kaltenbrunner, M.; Fassbender, J.; Schmidt, O.G.; Makarov, D.
2020Anti-correlation of HER2 and focal adhesion complexes in the plasma membraneWeinberg, F.; Han, M.K.L.; Dahmke, I.N.; Campo, A.D.; de Jonge, N.
2014Complement activation by carbon nanotubes and its influence on the phagocytosis and cytokine response by macrophagesPondman, K.M.; Sobik, M.; Nayak, A.; Tsolaki, A.G.; Jäkel, A.; Flahaut, E.; Hampel, S.; ten Haken, B.; Sim, R.B.; Kishore, U.
2014Ultracompact three-dimensional tubular conductivity microsensors for ionic and biosensing applicationsMartinez-Cisneros, C.S.; Sanchez, S.; Xi, W.; Schmidt, O.G.
2014Rolled-up functionalized nanomembranes as three-dimensional cavities for single cell studiesXi, W.; Schmidt, C.K.; Sanchez, S.; Gracias, D.H.; Carazo-Salas, R.E.; Jackson, S.P.; Schmidt, O.G.
2011Removing biofilms from microstructured titanium Ex Vivo: A novel approach using atmospheric plasma technologyRupf, S.; Idlibi, A.N.; Marrawi, F.A.; Hannig, M.; Schubert, A.; von Mueller, L.; Spitzer, W.; Holtmann, H.; Lehmann, A.; Rueppell, A.; Schindler, A.
2014Ultrafast high-resolution mass spectrometric finger pore imaging in latent finger printsElsner, C.; Abel, B.
2016Carbonate-based Janus micromotors moving in ultra-light acidic environment generated by HeLa cells in situGuix, Maria; Meyer, Anne K.; Koch, Britta; Schmidt, Oliver G.
2015Tailoring three-dimensional architectures by rolled-up nanotechnology for mimicking microvasculaturesArayanarakool, Rerngchai; Meyer, Anne K.; Helbig, Linda; Sanchez, Samuel; Schmidt, Oliver G.
2013Thermal activation of catalytic microjets in blood samples using microfluidic chipsRestrepo-Pérez, Laura; Soler, Lluís; Martínez-Cisneros, Cynthia S.; Sanchez, Samuel; Schmidt, Oliver G.