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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Electrical and magnetic properties of NiTiO3 nanoparticles synthesized by the sol-gel synthesis method and microwave sinteringPavithra, C.; Madhuri, W.
2018Fe1-xNix alloy nanoparticles encapsulated inside carbon nanotubes: Controlled synthesis, structure and magnetic propertiesGhunaim, R.; Damm, C.; Wolf, D.; Lubk, A.; Büchner, B.; Mertig, M.; Hampel, S.
2017Thermal annealing studies of GeTe-Sb2Te3 alloys with multiple interfacesBragaglia, Valeria; Mio, Antonio M.; Calarco, Raffaella
2020Comprehensive scan for nonmagnetic Weyl semimetals with nonlinear optical responseXu, Q.; Zhang, Y.; Koepernik, K.; Shi, W.; van den Brink, J.; Felser, C.; Sun, Y.
2018Single-crystalline FeCo nanoparticle-filled carbon nanotubes: Synthesis, structural characterization and magnetic propertiesGhunaim, R.; Scholz, M.; Damm, C.; Rellinghaus, B.; Klingeler, R.; Büchner, B.; Mertig, M.; Hampel, S.
2020Syntheses, crystal structure and magnetic properties of Tl9RETe6 (RE = Ce, Sm, Gd)Isaeva, A.; Schönemann, R.; Doert, T.
2010(+)-{1,2-Bis[(2R,5R)-2,5-dimethyl-phospho-lan-1-yl]ethane- κ2 P,P′}(η4-cyclo-octa-1,5-diene) rhodium(I) tetra-fluorido-borateSchulz, S.; Drexler, H.-J.; Heller, D.
2019Intermolecular hydrogen bonding in isostructural pincer complexes [OH-(t-BuPOCOPt-Bu)MCl] (M = Pd and Pt)Joksch, M.; Spannenberg, A.; Beweries, T.
2010(+)-{1,2-Bis[(2R,5R)-2,5-diethyl-phospho-lan-1-yl]ethane- κ2 P,P′}(≠4-cyclo-octa-1,5-diene)rhodium(I) tetra-fluoridoborateSchulz, S.; Fischer, C.; Drexler, H.-J.; Heller, D.
2010Bis(dimethyl sulfoxide)hydridobis(triphenylphosphane)cobalt(I)Hapke, M.; Weding, N.; Spannenberg, A.