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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Dust mass, cloud condensation nuclei, and ice-nucleating particle profiling with polarization lidar: Updated POLIPHON conversion factors from global AERONET analysisAnsmann, A.; Mamouri, R.-E.; Hofer, J.; Baars, H.; Althausen, D.; Abdullaev, S.F.
2012Technical Note: One year of Raman-lidar measurements in Gual Pahari EUCAARI site close to New Delhi in India – Seasonal characteristics of the aerosol vertical structureKomppula, M.; Mielonen, T.; Arola, A.; Korhonen, K.; Lihavainen, H.; Hyvärinen, A.-P.; Baars, H.; Engelmann, R.; Althausen, D.; Ansmann, A.; Müller, D.; Panwar, T. S.; Hooda, R. K.; Sharma, V. P.; Kerminen, V.-M.; Lehtinen, K. E. J.; Viisanen, Y.
2015One year of Raman lidar observations of free-tropospheric aerosol layers over South AfricaGiannakaki, E.; Pfüller, A.; Korhonen, K.; Mielonen, T.; Laakso, L.; Vakkari, V.; Baars, H.; Engelmann, R.; Beukes, J. P.; Van Zyl, P. G.; Josipovic, M.; Tiitta, P.; Chiloane, K.; Piketh, S.; Lihavainen, H.; Lehtinen, K. E. J.; Komppula, M.
2014Surface matters: Limitations of CALIPSO V3 aerosol typing in coastal regionsKanitz, T.; Ansmann, A.; Foth, A.; Seifert, P.; Wandinger, U.; Engelmann, R.; Baars, H.; Althausen, D.; Casiccia, C.; Zamorano, F.
2015Water vapour profiles from raman lidar automatically calibrated by microwave radiometer data during hopeFoth, A.; Baars, H.; Di Girolamo, P.; Pospichal, B.
2018Ship-borne aerosol profiling with lidar over the Atlantic Ocean: From pure marine conditions to complex dust-smoke mixturesBohlmann, S.; Baars, H.; Radenz, M.; Engelmann, R.; Macke, A.
2019Aerosol measurements with a shipborne Sun-sky-lunar photometer and collocated multiwavelength Raman polarization lidar over the Atlantic OceanYin, Z.; Ansmann, A.; Baars, H.; Seifert, P.; Engelmann, R.; Radenz, M.; Jimenez, C.; Herzog, A.; Ohneiser, K.; Hanbuch, K.; Blarel, L.; Goloub, P.; Victori, S.; Maupin, F.
2018Depolarization and lidar ratios at 355, 532, and 1064 nm and microphysical properties of aged tropospheric and stratospheric Canadian wildfire smokeHaarig, M.; Ansmann, A.; Baars, H.; Jimenez, C.; Veselovskii, I.; Engelmann, R.; Althausen, D.
2014Atmospheric boundary layer top height in South Africa: Measurements with lidar and radiosonde compared to three atmospheric modelsKorhonen, K.; Giannakaki, E.; Mielonen, T.; Pfüller, A.; Laakso, L.; Vakkari, V.; Baars, H.; Engelmann, R.; Beukes, J. P.; Van Zyl, P. G.; Ramandh, A.; Ntsangwane, L.; Josipovic, M.; Tiitta, P.; Fourie, G.; Ngwana, I.; Chiloane, K.; Komppula, M.
2015EARLINET Single Calculus Chain – overview on methodology and strategyD'Amico, Giuseppe; Amodeo, A.; Baars, H.; Binietoglou, I.; Freudenthaler, V.; Mattis, I.; Wandinger, U.; Pappalardo, G.