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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Homogeneous and heterogeneous ice nucleation at LACIS: Operating principle and theoretical studiesHartmann, S.; Niedermeier, D.; Voigtländer, J.; Clauss, T.; Shaw, R. A.; Wex, H.; Kiselev, A.; Stratmann, F.
2013The simulations of sulfuric acid concentration and new particle formation in an urban atmosphere in ChinaWang, Z. B.; Hu, M.; Mogensen, D.; Yue, D. L.; Zheng, J.; Zhang, R. Y.; Liu, Y.; Yuan, B.; Li, X.; Shao, M.; Zhou, L.; Wu, Z. J.; Wiedensohler, A.; Boy, M.
2016Overview of the Chemistry-Aerosol Mediterranean Experiment/Aerosol Direct Radiative Forcing on the Mediterranean Climate (ChArMEx/ADRIMED) summer 2013 campaignMallet, M.; Dulac, F.; Formenti, P.; Nabat, P.; Sciare, J.; Roberts, G.; Pelon, J.; Ancellet, G.; Tanré, D.; Parol, F.; Denjean, C.; Brogniez, G.; di Sarra, A.; Alados-Arboledas, L.; Arndt, J.; Auriol, F.; Blarel, L.; Bourrianne, T.; Chazette, P.; Chevaillier, S.; Claeys, M.; D'Anna, B.; Derimian, Y.; Desboeufs, K.; Di Iorio, T.; Doussin, J.-F.; Durand, P.; Féron, A.; Freney, E.; Gaimoz, C.; Goloub, P.; Gómez-Amo, J. L.; Granados-Muñoz, M. J.; Grand, N.; Hamonou, E.; Jankowiak, I.; Jeannot, M.; Léon, J.-F.; Maillé, M.; Mailler, S.; Meloni, D.; Menut, L.; Momboisse, G.; Nicolas, J.; Podvin, T.; Pont, V.; Rea, G.; Renard, J.-B.; Roblou, L.; Schepanski, K.; Schwarzenboeck, A.; Sellegri, K.; Sicard, M.; Solmon, F.; Somot, S.; Torres, B.; Totems, J.; Triquet, S.; Verdier, N.; Verwaerde, C.; Waquet, F.; Wenger, J.; Zapf, P.
2014Enhancement of atmospheric H2SO4/H2O nucleation: Organic oxidation products versus aminesBerndt, T.; Sipilä, M.; Stratmann, F.; Petäjä, T.; Vanhanen, J.; Mikkilä, J.; Patokoski, J.; Taipale, R.; Mauldin III, R. L.; Kulmala, M.
2015Characterization of satellite-based proxies for estimating nucleation mode particles over South AfricaSundström, A.-M.; Nikandrova, A.; Atlaskina, K.; Nieminen, T.; Laakso, L.; Vakkari, V.; Baars, H.; Engelmann, R.; Beukes, J. P.; Van Zyl, P. G.; Josipovic, M.; Tiitta, P.; Chiloane, K.; Piketh, S.; Lihavainen, H.; Lehtinen, K. E. J.; Komppula, M.
2006Columnar modelling of nucleation burst evolution in the convective boundary layer - First results from a feasibility study, Part III: Preliminary results on physicochemical model performance using two "clean air mass" reference scenariosHellmuth, O.
2006Columnar modelling of nucleation burst evolution in the convective boundary layer - First results from a feasibility study, Part IV: A compilation of previous observations for valuation of simulation results from a columnar modelling studyHellmuth, O.
2013Particle hygroscopicity during atmospheric new particle formation events: Implications for the chemical species contributing to particle growthWu, Z.; Birmili, W.; Poulain, L.; Poulain, L.; Merkel, M.; Fahlbusch, B.; Van Pinxteren, D.; Herrmann, H.; Wiedensohler, A.
2009Mass analysis of charged aerosol particles in NLC and PMSE during the ECOMA/MASS campaignRobertson, S.; Horányi, M.; Knappmiller, S.; Sternovsky, Z.; Holzworth, R.; Shimogawa, M.; Friedrich, M.; Torkar, K.; Gumbel, J.; Megner, L.; Baumgarten, G.; Latteck, R.; Rapp, M.; Hoppe, U.-P.; Hervig, M. E.
2009Large mesospheric ice particles at exceptionally high altitudesMegner, L.; Khaplanov, M.; Baumgarten, G.; Gumbel, J.; Stegman, J.; Strelnikov, B.; Robertson, S.